diabetic foods, harmful foods and a day with diabetics

diabetic foods-We offer you 6 sugar foods and a day with diabetics.
First, foods harmful to diabetics:
Those foods affect the secretion of insulin in the blood, leading to an increase in the level of glucose in the blood.

Fatty meat, of course, is on the list of these harmful foods.

  • All kinds of fizzy drinks, even those with the slogan without sugar, because the harmful substance here is soda.

All potatoes, especially those fried with oils of whatever kind.

  • Industrial juices because they contain preservatives and chemical elements that the body recognizes in a way that damages the secretion of insulin, so avoid all those juices except those that you manufacture yourself.

Cakes high in sugar, such as pancakes and waffles.

White rice, which is known for its high starch content, can be substituted for brown rice.

Caffeinated coffee and sugar-sweetened coffee.

Second, foods that are beneficial for diabetics:
Foods that help us reduce diabetes and increase insulin production.

1- Apples reduce the percentage of diabetes:
According to what was stated in the latest recent studies, eating apples reduces diabetes because they are rich in Quercetin, which increases the secretion of insulin, and other sources of quercetin are onions, berries, all leafy vegetables such as watercress and parsley, especially parsley.

2- Cold fish freezes diabetes:
According to the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes are two and a half times more likely to die from heart attacks than people without diabetes, which helps us with cold fish that contain large amounts of omega-3 oil, and the meat of those fish that live in Cold water, such as sardines, salmon, and mackerel, work to reduce cholesterol and bring diabetes to those cold water, freezing and controlling it.

3- Citrus fruits and their relationship to diabetes:
An inverse relationship has been reached between the presence of vitamin C in the human body and the percentage of diabetes in the body, according to the report of the American Diabetes Association, that people who do not get adequate and continuous amounts of vitamin C are more likely to fall under the influence of diabetes, so it is necessary to adhere to citrus fruits and obtain vitamin Si periodically.

The third day with diabetes patients:
The ideal day for a diabetic begins with the ideal breakfast, which will consist of eggs, skimmed milk, and a salad made of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Exercise is the most important steps that must be adhered to to reduce the control of diabetes on the body, not of course stressful sports, so it is completely sufficient to walk for a quarter of an hour a day when going to work or upon return.

While waiting, it is possible to drink green tea.

Lunch will consist of a medium-sized salad dish, fish or poultry either grilled, boiled or steamed, and a main corner of the meal will be a small plate of grilled or steamed vegetables.

Reading to calm the nerves and get rid of the surrounding psychological pressure, which limits the attacks of diabetes.

Dinner will consist of a salad plate and skimmed yogurt.

Staying away from all those harmful foods and sticking to diabetic diets will lead you to a very important stage, which is stabilizing the sugar level and will spare you all episodes of diabetes for a calm and stable life



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