Five poisons on your dining table, beware of them-poisons on your dining table, beware of them, there is no doubt that this title raises many questions in your mind, so what is on the table is food and not poisons, so what are the toxins on the table? The origin in food is the benefit and not the harm, but the harm occurs when the quantities that we eat from some foods exceed the permissible limit, so everything in excess of the limit turns against, and the harm also comes from some of the ways through which food is prepared.

In this article, we learn about five types of foods that increase them harmful to the human body

Some call sugar and salt “white poison” because of their danger to the human body when they are consumed more than the permissible limit. There are healthy materials rich in natural sugar, such as fruits and vegetables, which do not represent harm to the human body, and in contrast, added sugar that contains empty calories is harmful. The body is more than it benefits the body, and added sugar is found in sweets and fats that cause obesity.

The results of some studies also showed that eating large amounts of sugar affects the body’s immunity because sugar interferes with the mechanism of your body’s fight against the disease. Bacteria, for example, feed on sugar, and an increase in the level of glucose in the body leads to the proliferation of these bacteria as well as causing infection. Sugar also leads to premature aging, as it causes wrinkles and sagging of the skin, causes tooth decay and gum disease, as well as replaces important nutrients in the body.

Processed meats
Processed meat is represented by meat that has been processed by smoking, salting, or adding preservatives to increase its shelf life or to change the taste, and processed meats such as nibs and pastrami cause cancer in the stomach and rectum, according to the World Health Organization, and in a recent report of the organization said that eating 50 grams of meat Processed daily, which equals less than two slices of bacon or pastrami, increases the incidence of colon or rectal cancer to 18%.

Processed meat consists of many items on the table such as beef, burgers, sausages, salami and sausage. Processed meat contains a large percentage of sodium nitrate and substances that cause cancer, which increases its risk. It also causes high blood pressure, heart disease and obstructive pulmonary disease.

White carbohydrates
Carbohydrates provide the body with energy and are considered a major source of energy for the human body, as the digestive system converts them to glucose, but the excessive intake of white carbohydrates represented in white bread and pastries is very harmful to the body, because they work to increase the percentage of sugar in the body and thus incidence of diabetes in addition to it leads to obesity Because it provides the body with a large percentage of calories, and you can replace it with foods rich in natural dietary fibers, such as whole grains represented by bread made from wheat, which is known as brown bread, or oats.

the salt
No one can dispense with salt in his food, salt helps regulate nerve impulses in the body, but as recommended by the American Heart Association, the permissible limit for a person of sodium is 1500 milligrams per day, provided that it does not exceed 2300 milligrams, because it works to increase pressure Blood and increases the risk of heart disease.

Usually the reason that a large percentage of salt enters the human body is due to some foods that do not seem salty but contain a large percentage of salt, such as processed cheese, chips, canned foods, and foods prepared outside the home. So a person must pay attention when eating such foods.

Excessive fat
Fats are very useful for the human body, but according to the National Academy of Sciences, the calories allowed through fat are only 30% of the calories that the body needs during the day, and therefore any excess of this percentage causes body diseases, including obesity, heart disease, and reducing the percentage of milk I have. Lactating women and works to reduce testosterone and distort sperm.

In this article, we learned about five poisons on your dining table that you must beware of, because health is a crown on the heads of healthy people, which only disease can see, and from your food your health is so care about what you eat is healthy and well.

Chocolate, with its different types, shapes and colors, is one of the most popular sweets that young and old love around the world. Many studies and experiments have been conducted on the benefits and harms of chocolate in its liquid, solid and cream types. In Germany there are many large and small companies that produce different types and brands of chocolate that are consumed in large quantities and are considered one of the basic items on the breakfast table, especially chocolate cream.

In view of the high consumption of chocolate, Germany’s “Stiftung Farn Taste” goods testing institute conducted a laboratory examination of 21 types of chocolate cream to test their quality and their compliance with the general specifications and the contents that are usually indicated on the package. The Foundation reached a general conclusion stating that most of the types were good or not bad, but two types were bad, according to the “Berliner Morgenpost” newspaper, and the best type was produced by the Italian company Ferrero with its famous brand “Nutella” which is known and the most widespread among the types of chocolate cream in the world, According to the newspaper.

The results of the test proved that the chocolate cream that the hazelnuts used in the manufacture of which were examined contained aflatoxin, which is one of the fungi harmful and dangerous to human health, according to what the Foundation indicated in its report on the test result, but fortunately all the types that were examined did not contain In quantities exceeding European standards, according to the German newspaper “Augsburger”.
The report notes that five types of Nutella, which did not contain traces of toxic fungi. An explanation for the presence of aflatoxin in many types of chocolate cream, the German newspaper “Tages Spiegel” on its website indicates that it is formed as a result of incorrect storage or drying of hazelnuts.

The test results also indicated that palm oil was used in almost all types of chocolate cream, which was criticized by the Foundation in its report because the cultivation of palm oil trees is harmful to the environment, and the Foundation says that few types of chocolate cream that are sold in the market are using shea plant oil or Colza oil, or what is known as phlegm, instead of palm oil.

Despite the results of the examination and what the Foundation indicated in its report that most types of chocolate cream contain dangerous toxic fungi effects on the body, the production and consumption of the chocolate cream did not decrease and its popularity was not affected by this, but perhaps a lot of its intake and in the long term would be harmful, which needs studies. And scientific tests to prove it.


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