Five wrong habits lead to obesity-Obesity is one of the medical problems that a large number of people suffer from in the twenty-first century, and obesity negatively affects those with it and deprives them of a healthy life, and obesity is spread not only among adults, but also among children and adolescents, and according to one study

10% Of the school-age children in the world suffer from overweight, while a quarter of these children suffer from obesity, and obesity has many causes, including the wrong lifestyle or genetic factors, endocrine disorders, and some medications, while obesity caused by excess calories inside the body is the Most Popular.

Wrong food habits and how to eat it
It is no secret to anyone that the main cause of obesity is the increase in the amount of calories inside the body, and the reason for this is not following some healthy habits and a healthy diet based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits and protein free from vegetable fats, while they depend on saturated fats, canned and prepared foods and foods Glucocorticoids.

Besides unhealthy food, there are wrong habits that lead to obesity, including not planning the amount of food you eat, consuming canned foods, eating fast food, and not removing fat from meat and skin from chicken, and eating food in front of the TV leads to eating large quantities of food without attention to her.

Not eating breakfast is also considered a pattern of unhealthy food patterns, and drinking nighty amounts of water, because including water in the diet and drinking large quantities of water leads to weight loss, while lack of water leads to the opposite.

The same applies to depriving the body of food for long hours, neglecting snacks between main meals, and fast eating, as these are wrong habits that cause obesity.

Caloric imbalance
The main cause of obesity, as mentioned above, is eating large quantities of food without being consumed by the body, so there must be a balance between calories entering the body and the calories consumed or burned, and the number of calories a person needs during one day depends on age and body size And the level of activity that the individual performs, and in this case you can rely on a nutritionist to determine the calories you need during the day.

Lack of exercise
Exercising is very important for humans in general, but it is more important and necessary for those who suffer from obesity, because due to the lifestyle and technological development, they do not exercise much, and they spend long hours at work sitting on the desks or in front of the TV, forgetting to exercise, and thus the extra calories are transformed In the body there is fat, which leads to obesity, so exercise is essential every day.

Lack of sleep and insomnia have a big role in increasing obesity, studies have shown that losing sleep makes us feel hungry; Because it affects the secretion of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for regulating appetite, so staying up late and lack of sleep leads to fat storage in the body and thus obesity, so you have to regulate the hours of sleep and waking up and not staying up late at night.

The lifestyle that you follow greatly affects your health and your weight, as emptying the charges of anger by eating large amounts of food leads to obesity, as well as you may be tempted to eat with friends and family to eat large quantities of food, so pay attention to what you eat, how you eat and when you eat so that you can enjoy good health.

In this article, we dealt with five wrong habits that lead to obesity, so pay attention to them, and do not fall into the open, as eating a lot of food leads to the desire of your body to eat more and more and thus store fat and obesity. So do not give up, make healthy food your mainstay, exercise regularly and change your wrong habits gradually and continuously.

Not eating breakfast and starving the body to eat one large main meal late, due to work, daily occupations, social events and banquets, and studies have shown that people who do not eat breakfast eat more food during the day, which contributes to weight gain.

Overeating in general.

  • Consistently eating food when feeling hungry or full, and not scheduling food; Many make this mistake, especially home women who taste adequate food during cooking, in addition to the main meal, as well as eating what is left of the food that increases in children’s dishes, which doubles the amount of food and calories consumed during the day. Also, people who work outside the home and eat pastries or bean sandwiches, falafel, hummus and rosary for breakfast, in addition to fast food and chocolate before eating the main meal at home, increases their caloric intake and increases their weight.

Excessive intake of soft drinks, ready-made juices and fast food; It increases weight, triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

Studies conducted in 2008 showed that 32% of children (from the age group of 10 years and over) suffer from obesity or overweight, and these are vulnerable to health problems that adults suffer from, such as; Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems.

Excessive consumption of Arabic sweets rich in obesity, sugar and cream, such as; Konafa, wares, cakes, maamoul, and foreign sweets rich in cream, whole milk, oils or butter such as “cheesecake” and cake with cream and chocolate on a daily basis, which leads to the health problems mentioned above such as.

100 grams of konafa with cheese = 356 calories.

Katayef cheese, fried medium size = 350 calories.

Qatayef with cheese medium grilled size = 260 calories.

Buoy of 100 grams = 390 calories.

Maamoul with walnuts 100 grams = 500 calories.

Cheesecake 151 grams = 500 calories.

Chocolate cake without cream 44 grams (1 piece) = 200 calories.

Excessive consumption of meat, considering it free of calories and fat, or following diets that encourage the consumption of meat and reduce or completely prevent starches, and this also leads to an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, as it contributes to the loss of calcium from the bones and prevents the body from vitamins Found in fruits and grains.

Eating tea, coffee and Nescafe with added a lot of sugar, and some people stay all day without eating and drink 8 to 12 cups of coffee, tea and Nescafe, which increases weight and harms people who suffer from diabetes of the first and second types.

Excessive intake of oils and nuts, and the belief that olive oil does not gain weight, and fats contain high amounts of calories.

Each 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories.

Each 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein equals 4 calories.

A teaspoon of olive oil equals 45 calories.

A tablespoon of olive oil equals 120 calories.

6 nuts or almonds are equal to 45 calories.

100 grams of almonds equals 650 calories.

A tablespoon of margarine or ghee is equal to 45 calories.

Sitting 4 to 6 hours a day watching TV or using the computer or “playstation”, and eating during that, which leads to eating more food and not moving.

Use fruit sugar in open quantities, as it does not increase weight. Fruit sugar differs in that it is 73% sweeter than regular sugar, so diabetics can use it with a smaller amount than regular sugar, and it turns into blood sugar gradually, making it easier for the body to deal with it.

Except that fructose cannot be used for high temperature such as; Cakes and sweets, and using them in large quantities can turn into fats on the liver just like regular sugar.

A teaspoon of fruit sugar (fructose) is equal to 14 calories.

A teaspoon of white sugar (sucrose) is equal to 20 calories.

A tablespoon of fruit sugar (fructose) equals 42 calories.

Use random diets, such as the mono system, which encourage eating one type of food; Like three days breakfast, lunch and dinner, fruit, which disrupts the normal order of meals, and upon stopping the body regains weight almost immediately.


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