Learn about the benefits and types of proteins

The benefits and importance of proteins are very well known to all people, as they are one of the most important basic compounds of tissues and muscle cells of the human body, and they are the ones that build and strengthen the body, and are also associated with every process and function present in the human body, therefore we find that doctors are always advised to eat it because of its endless benefits An essential component of the human body and examples of its many different benefits are that it works to strengthen and build the bones of the body.

It is also an essential component of the enzymes and hormones secreted by the body glands such as the thyroid and parotid gland as well as insulin hormones, as it facilitates the digestion process and an essential source of calories that the body needs as one gram generates 4 calories, as it contains essential acids that help In muscle growth and necessary for normal growth such as proline and arginine, it reduces the risk of heart disease and works to balance cholesterol in the blood, helps to strengthen the body’s immune system to increase its ability to resist various diseases.

As for the different types of proteins and the sources of obtaining them are simple proteins and we find that these types are found in eggs and corn oils, and there are also complex proteins which are a union of certain elements or molecules with proteins and derived proteins are proteins that are analyzed by extreme heat and divided into several Derivatives.

As for the sources of obtaining proteins for the human body, we find that meat of all kinds contains a large amount of proteins, whether white meat represented in fish or red meat represented in calves, lambs and cows, as well as dairy products of all kinds of milk, cheese or yogurt, as well as grains and legumes such as beans and lentils .

We find that nutritionists and specialists after research has proven its importance in protecting the body from various diseases that can affect the body, it is necessary to be addressed continuously, especially for children, because the process of building his body at this early stage of his life is one of the very important things that he addresses are proteins This is to protect him from possible diseases.



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