What are the damages of mangoes

Mango is a list of tropical fruits, nicknamed “Queen of Fruits”; They are delicious and widely consumed globally, and have many health benefits. In some cases, however, it becomes harmful. So it must be clarified what are the damages of mangoes, and try to know the damages and potential hazards before eating it, and addiction to it,

The most prominent damage of mangoes
Many may wonder; What are the damages of mangoes, and is it inedible fruit! … Certainly not the case; They are very beneficial to health, but they do harm. So, it causes allergies to latex allergy, and because it is a type of fruit that contains high levels of potassium; They are harmful to the kidneys, and are especially harmful to kidney patients. Because the kidneys have been unable to get rid of excess potassium in the blood, and in some difficult cases they reach death.

In general mangoes are not harmful to health; However, it is considered harmful for the cases we mentioned earlier, and to avoid any harm expected in other cases, it is preferred not to overuse it; One cup of fresh mango, or half a cup of dried, is enough to eat daily.

Health conditions prohibited from eating mangoes
Allergic patients: who have symptoms; Such as: sensation of the tongue or eyes, urticaria, abdominal pain, swelling of the mouth and shortness of breath.
Diabetics: especially since mangoes have a very high sugar content.
Kidney patients: This is because it is a fruit that contains somewhat high levels of; Natural salts, vitamins, sugars, and starches.
Constipation: As eating too much of this fruit causes health problems in the digestive system, such as indigestion and constipation.
Harm over eating mangoes
Mango contains on average about 150 calories, and eating it excessively after meals causes weight gain.
Consuming too much mango will cause your blood sugar level to rise.
Excessive intake on an empty stomach can cause several health problems; Such as: indigestion and diabetes problems.
What is the sensitivity of mangoes
There are many people around the world; Mango allergy sufferers; As this type of tropical fruit contains a substance called “uruchayl”, which is a toxic gum, that causes skin infections, but the intensity of allergy to this substance varies between each person and another, and mango juices and crusts can cause this type of sensitivity in some people. ; Except the fruit itself is not a major cause.

Mango benefits for body health
On a positive note; Mango has many health benefits without having to compare it to the harm it can do to some; It provides health, nutritional, cosmetic and therapeutic benefits, and can be eaten directly, juice, sugar-preserved, dried, or even in the form of jam, besides that it is an important source for obtaining many nutrients; Such as: calories, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin A, folic acid, protein, vitamin B6, potassium and vitamin K, along with iron, copper, calcium, and the most important is antioxidants, and the most important benefits are:

Maintaining general health.
Acne Treatment
Prevention of cancer.
Control of diabetes.
Anemia treatment.
Treating and delaying the onset of symptoms of aging
Facilitating digestion.
Enhance the body’s immunity.
Very important during pregnancy.
Promote health and brain function.


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