Diseases caused by a lack of protein in food

Protein is a substance that forms part of cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body, and according to many research and studies on protein deficiency, protein deficiency is common among people who live in developing countries, those who live in poor communities in developed countries and the elderly who lack Nutritious food, as for the results of protein deficiency in the body, it also affects people born with a genetic disorder to produce certain proteins and people with diseases that make them lose their appetite and suffer from muscle breakdown.

Lack of protein in the body

The human body needs to consume an adequate amount of protein daily, and the lack of adequate protein intake may cause many health complications caused by low protein intake, so insufficient protein may cause various health problems such as poor mental health, wasting and mental contraction, weakness Muscle tissues, weak immune systems, abnormal blood clotting, and a person with a protein deficiency is at risk of developing venous thrombosis that occurs in the deep veins of the extremities.

Thus, protein is a large nutrient that is essential for the development, maintenance and repair of all cells of the body, so neglecting to consume enough protein can have various negative symptoms and cause many diseases caused by low protein intake.

Body protein deficiency diseases

Kwashiorkor disease

It is a type of protein deficiency that affects young people and that is caused by malnutrition. This disease is characterized by having many manifestations that include an enlarged liver, swollen diaphragm and swollen feet, skin pigmentation, skin progression, hair loss and tooth decay in addition to severe general weakness .

Marasmus disease

Marasmus is a type of protein deficiency that can cause general weakness, muscle wasting, low muscle rate and tissue erosion, low levels of vitality and low weight, in addition to that it makes those suffering from it more susceptible to infection in addition to causing poor mental and mental health, as well as It can cause increased stress and anxiety, especially in young adults.

Dropsy disease

Not getting enough protein can cause dropsy, which is a disease that occurs as a result of protein deficiency, and causes swelling in different areas of the body, for example the feet, hands, and stomach, and this occurs as a result of accumulating a lot of fluid under the skin causing swelling and discoloration Colored skin, high blood pressure, and solid joints.

Failure of body functions

Protein is required for the growth and maintenance of the functions of body organs, and therefore a protein deficiency can cause a breakdown in the functions of different body organs and muscle contraction that occurs when the body does not get enough protein in the diet.

Weakened immune system

Protein is essential for creating antibodies that increase the efficiency of the immune system, and therefore when not eating enough protein for the body, it will not be able to produce these antibodies, and this makes the body more vulnerable to disease, as the human body will fight fierce skills in order to eliminate any A type of disease, and therefore a lack of protein in food may cause various health problems such as poor mental and mental health, muscle weakness and the immune system.


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